Monday, October 27, 2008

Rebels with a cause

Our cause... Halloween. But in truth, the real cause... because it is SO NOT US! I laughed so hard picking these Halloween costumes out! This is so not us... won't people think it's so funny if we come to a party dressed like Biker Dudes with tatoos and piercings. I tried to keep up the tougher biker exterior most of the night, but really... let's get real... I don't think we look even the slightest bit scary! Oh well! Not scary... but we definately had a fun night at our friend's party! Happy Halloween!

Electric Personality

Megan has a very "electric" personality! She thought it was SO FUNNY that her hair could stand on end! She some times makes us stand on end... but we love her SO!

Maddy's Baptism

We had a great weekend! Maddy's baptism was on Saturday. Shane's brother, Scott and his wife MaryKay, and their children came from Las Vegas. My sister, Meggin came from Tulare with her girls. We are so grateful that we have SO MUCH family so close by! We had a full house at the baptism.... it was so great! Thank you all for setting time aside on Saturday for us! Mike gave a great talk. McKayla also gave a wonderful talk as well. They did such a great job. I was very impressed at these two great kids... and their strength and knowledge.

Miss Maddy dressed in white.

Me and My little Boo

Maddy and her Dad

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Birthday Party Bash

Can you say CHAOS!!! I guess that's what happens when you invite 22 8-11 year olds to your house for a birthday bash! Maddy turned 8 on Wednesday. Mike turned 10 yesterday, and we decided to have a combined birthday Halloween party! We had stations set up for Halloween games, they made their own pizzas, decorated cookies, ate doughnuts off of a string, went on a candy hunt in the back yard, jumped on the trampoline, played guitar hero, and did a lot of screaming and laughing. THANK YOU MOM FOR COMING TO THE RESCUE. I was obviously just a little overwhelmed with so many kids... when my mom offered to help, I was rescued. It was a fun night! Happy Birthday Mike and Maddy! I love you both so much!!

Maddy's Party
Some of Mike's gang
Eating doughnuts from strings!
Decorating cookies, and eating their pizzas.
Noah.... the Mummy returns!

The Carter's ROCK!!!

We have a new family past time.... ROCK BAND! Justin used his birthday money to buy the PS2 game, Rock band. It's a great family activity. We all have a fun time rotating on the different parts. Justin is definately, by far the PRO at drums. Let's hope those drum lessons paid off for something! (Ha Ha) Mike has mastered the guitar, Shane plays bass, and Meg and I take turns singing. Maddy likes playing guitar as well... although she wasn't in the "Rock Band" mood this evening. The best thing is, we spend the evening as a family... usually laughing at ourselves. If I'm playing an instrument, usually someone has to save me, because I will fail on almost every song. Oh well... better stick with singing... that I can do. (At least in Rock Band style! :))

Megan's First Field Trip

Just like a million other blogs you've read... here we are at the Pumpkin Patch! This was Megan's first field trip in school. I decided I better attend to make sure that she didn't run crazy through the Pumpkin Patch. The kids went to Fog Willow in Wilton. They teach them to milk cows, and make hay bales. The kids also got to pet goats, Llamas (sp?) and see some other large farm animals. Megan also pet a 1 week old baby bunny. VERY CUTE!!! We went on a hay ride and climbed on a hay pyramid. It was a fun day at the Pumpkin Patch.

Megan's kindergarten class. Mr Shadbourne is her teacher. He is wonderful!
Megan choosing her pumpkin.
Climbing the pyramid.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Special Kids"

Every year non profit organizations in the Sacramento area sponsor an event for kids with special needs. Fairytale town across from the Sacramento Zoo is closed down for the day for families with kids of special needs. Carnival type games are set up. A great BBQ of hamburgers and hot dogs are served. As well as a magician and motivational speakers. Our family had a great time on Saturday participating in this event. The weather forecast said wet... but as you can see from the pictures, it was a beautiful day. We even saw a friend of Megan's from her preschool, Courtney! Megan had a great time... as well as the rest of our family.

Megan and the Big Red Dog, Clifford
Megan sat very still to get her face painted!
Pretending on the Pumpkin coach.
Sitting in Robin Hoods chairs in Sherwood Forest.
3 Billy Goats and 3 Little Pigs!