Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Love you LOTS!!!

Valentine's Day... a day of Love! I love thinking about past Valentine's Days! When I was little my mom always made heart shaped, pink pancakes. My parent's had a small gift for us to open. I remember one year, my Dad creating a scavanger hunt around the house with small gifts for my Mom. I was so excited about helping set the clues... and her finding them. I am so grateful for the great example of sharing and kindness my parent's set for me. I love having traditions to pass on to my own kids. So... I still make pink, heart shaped pancakes. This year, with Shane's crazy work schedule, we actually went out to Brunch with some friends at Boulevard Bistro in town! LOVE this place! And brunch was AWESOME!!! So yummy! So, for dinner, I set the table, used our "finer" table settings and made a yummy dinner of steak, baked potatoes, home made rolls, and green beans. I cut out heart shaped brownies for dessert. Then I wrote little love notes on hearts for all of the kids and placed them all around the table. It was a fun night. Shane even managed to come home long enough to have dinner with us. It was a memory that I hope my kids will remember... just like all of the fun memories I have from my parents!

Mike with his heart shaped brownie and ice cream

My cute Maddy Boo

Justin! Is this teenager really mine?

Shane and I enjoying brunch at Boulevard Bistro! YUMMO!!!

Our friends, the Leger's enjoying brunch with us!

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday... so long ago! I'm just getting around posting pics of the day. We had dinner and had a few friends over. The guys watched the game. The girls played a board game. The kids had the best time with each other. It was a fun evening in enjoying time with family and friends!

What are these 3 up to? Who knows! But they were having so much fun!

Yep... Commercial time... Got to love those 3-D commercials!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Did I tell you...

We are OPEN!!!!!

I know this may be a little self - indulgent, but we are so excited to have the doors of Dream Xtreme be open to the public! We have been running adds on the radio (heard one myself today), at the movie theatres, and even had a few spots on tv (Fox 40) and coming soon... Channel 10 and Channel 31. The kids, of course, are loving it! Justin loves to work to earn a chance to surf! Shane LIVES down at Dream Xtreme. I leave for work at 7:45... he leaves shortly after... and then makes it home around 11:30 - 12 every night after it closes at 11. He works alot of hours... and is excited to see the Dream become a reality.

Here are a few pics of the kids trying it out... before it opened to the public on friends and family day!
Megan may look a little fearful... but don't let it full you.. she was actually in the middle of yelling out a "whoo... hoo!" check her out in her very own you tube video... "Flowrider is for everyone"
Mike has since mastered a head stand on the body board... while in motion... just like his Dad, this one is!

Maddy is all smiles on the body board!

Justin has quickly picked up the Flowboarder skills.