Sunday, November 30, 2008

He's Three

Three years ago, Mitchell joined our family! The first picture of Mitchell is indicitive of his whole life here on the earth so far.... screaming all the way! Not just mad screams... he screams for joy, he screams with excitement, he screams when someone takes something away from him. He screams at 6 am in the morning when he announces that he has successfully been dry in his unders all night! He just likes to scream! And we love him! The fifth in the family can't be an easy spot. He came in to this world, already having to share... everything. And yet, he shares his huge personality with all of us... and makes us smile every day! We love you, Mitchell! Happy Birthday!

Seconds after birth...
Getting ready to leave the hospital

3 months old

Enjoying the pool... 6 months old

Mitchell... 10 months

Mitchell... 18 months

Easter, 2007 (2 years)
Summer... 2008

Fall.... 2008

He's 3!

Bowling Frenzy

Bowling in style has finally come to Elk Grove! We were so excited to check out Strikes this weekend. With the excuse of Mitchell's birthday, we invited all our friends and family and hit the lanes. We were able to get 5 of the private lanes and enjoyed the relaxed, cushy seating and bowled like crazy for an hour! It was actually great fun... even the little ones enjoyed pushing the balls down the lane. The teens opted for bumper bowling... and it resembled pinball rather than bowling... but a fun time was had by all! Thanks for all who joined us... we enjoyed it!

Mitchell using the ramp to bowl!
Checking out the scores on the board! Meg and Mitchell with Mams.
Ashley smiling for the camera
Maddy and Molly the bowling queens!

Ahh... my sister Monique and her hubby, Marc.

Three times the trouble!

Don't let their cool faces fool you... they had fun too!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just Doing our Part

So, I generally try to keep my writing on my blog to a minimum.... but, I am going to climb up on my soapbox for a few moments...

Those of you that live in California know what the aftermath of Prop 8 has been like. Those of you that live elsewhere, may have seen the pictures of the temples (LA and Oakland) being marched at, etc. Yesterday, I went downtown for lunch and shopping with a girlfriend of mine. We decided to eat lunch at a cute little restaurant on K street and 9th. At the precise time that we sat down, a parade of angry protestors began marching by the window. Holding their No on 8 signs and yelling angry words, they marched down the street headed for the Capitol Building (2 blocks from where we were eating). Many of them carried signs with vulgar language spewed upon them. Various individuals held signs stating Stop the H8! While others stooped to the level of stating that "Jesus would have voted No on 8!" (Seriously... have they read the scriptures?) All of them shouted with loud voices for the hate to end. Many in the restaurant began discussing to other tables about the display outside. Some said, "why are they doing this now? Why didn't they do that before the vote?" While others said, "We voted... they lost... they should go home." The overall general concensus in the restaurant was that it had been voted on, and it should be over with.

As we were discussing the effects of prop 8, the restaurant owner mentioned to us that he felt bad for individuals who had supported prop 8, monetarily wise. (For those of you who don't know, lists of people who donated over $100 were published and posted.) The owner stated, "I feel bad for the owners of Leatherby's, who is now being boycotted because of his choice to donate to a political cause."

How sad that people that exercise their right to vote are then persecuted. So, that's where I draw the line! Nobody boycott's my favorite place to eat ice cream in Sacramento! I love Leatherby's!!! I have spent many a fun evening with family or friends enjoying the delicious flavors of Leatherby's ice cream and toppings.

So, we decided to "take one for the team" so to speak. We loaded the kids up after dinner and headed to Leatherby's. We all enjoyed our ice cream very much... and just so you know... the place was still hopping on a Saturday night at 7pm. :)

Here are pictures of us "just doing our part!"

Shane getting a taste of Maddy's sherbert freeze!
Mitchell loving his ice cream cone!

Megan posing with her clown ice cream sundae... her favorite!

Mike and the Brownie fudge sundae!


J... and his cookie dough ice cream

Sunday, November 9, 2008

There is a nice restaurant in town

Who would have thought that such a fancy restaurant exists in our little town! We went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday with my mom and dad. This little restaurant had the best food! Beautifully plated and very delicious! Those of you that know me... know I LOVE FILET!!! I truly think about eating a filet and my mouth starts to water... not matter the time of day. This was such a yummy filet! Great dinner and great company! Thanks Mom and Dad for a fun evening!

It's Over!

It's Over! Football season is officially over! Saturday evening we went to playoffs in Shingle Springs. It poured rain! The wind blew! The 50 degree chill felt like 40 degree chill. Justin ran up and down the field. They tried their hardest! We lost. It was such a sad defeat. As Justin climbed into the car, after being peeled of all muddy gear, frozen, he let out a sigh of defeat. I can't believe he has played for 7 years! He's only 13!! We all enjoy the football season... and next year, it will be on the Highschool playing field that will will root on our son! Highscool here we come! Go Wildcats!

Here's Maddy wet and cold rooting on Justin!
Mike and Meg! Shane was doing chains... totally drenched too!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Spooks

Trick-or-Treat is not trick-or-treat without yummy soup and chili at my mom and dad's house to start the night off! We had a great time eating yummy soup and homemade bread. The kids enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather... although it did start to rain just a little at the end of the night. Definately a fun night for everyone!

My little kitty!
Mike as Jack Sparrow
Mike and Mitchell.... Red Power Ranger

He's so tough! :)

Maddy the Tiger, Meg the Leopard

Pompy and Mams and a few of the grandkids

Shane enjoying his chicken chowder!

Mike, Me and our Mom and Dad

Birthday Celebration

It's is that time of year again, when you are officially the next year older in your life. A time to reflect on everything that you have learned. I have learned that no matter how much I clean my house, it still gets messy. No matter how much I stress about things... life still happens. We celebrated very low key this year. Shane took me out to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Bandera's, my mom offered to watch the kids. While we were out, she made a cake for me. The kids and Shane and my mom sang me "Happy Birthday!" Thanks Mom for the yummy cake!

Me and Doody!
Blowing out the candles.... luckily their was only 6 on that thing! :)