Monday, January 2, 2012

Family Pictures

Family pictures drive me crazy!! I am always stressed out! My kids I'm sure think I turn into Psycho Mom, when I announce we are getting family pictures. I stress over what to wear... I never want to buy new outfits. I stress the week before the someone is going to fall on their bikes and end up with a huge mark on their face, or bruised or swollen lip. I stress that someone is going to be in a grouchy mood... and not want to smile or participate in the pictures. Yet... I subject my family to this ritual!

So... here are the 2011 Family pictures! Our photographer, Kate, did an AMAZING job! She took us Old Sac, and was SOOO patient! Way to go Kate... I think you ROCK!

(Blogger won't upload photos.... I'll have to post pictures later.)

My camera is back!

I am so excited to have my camera back!!! I lost my camera at one of the last of Michael's football games. I have NO IDEA how!!! I think it may have dropped in the parking lot as I was walking out to the car. However, I didn't realize it was missing until the next day. So, I called the Jr. League. I called the school, where we had played. I prayed really hard... and cried alot! I was so MAD at myself for losing a very nice camera. Almost a month later, an email came from the board of the football league asking if anyone with a football player #24 (that's Michael's number) had lost a camera... because one had been found, and the board had been contacted. I immediately emailed the league and told them I had lost mine, and described it. A board member contacted me, and said that In-N-Out burger had contacted them, and said that a camera had been turned in to them and it had alot of pictures of a Jr Wildcat player with the #24... but no other i.d.... so they sent it to their corporate office down in San Diego... who had contacted our board. Shane went in to the local In-n-Out and talked to the manager, who had found the camera... it was found in their parking lot?!? How... I have NO IDEA! But, he recognized Shane from pictures on the camera. So, sure enough, the camera was mine... and they mailed it back to me. So, I again prayed... and was so thankful for my camera being returned to me!!! Little miracles! I was so excited, I was taking pictures of everything!

Christmas with Family

Noah and Mitchell opening up Mitchell's new remote control stunt car.
Justin playing with baby Brady.
Mitchell and Cal.
Mike and Brooke and baby Brady.
We had a great time Christmas Eve at my sister's house (Monique's) to celebrate Christmas with the Rogers' side of the family. We sang songs and some of the family performed. We of course ate yummy food... (What would a Rogers gathering be without good food?) Grandma Searson bought the kids new pajamas, which the kids all put on! :) ( A tradition!!) I am so grateful for family. We are so blessed to have family live so close, and be able to spend time with our family.

Visit from Santa

I love this Santa!!! He is the best!