Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pledging to change

Maryn and Meg... best buddies!

I do try to avoid being up on my soapbox... BUT... I feel this is worthy of a post! Those of you that know me have probably heard me once or twice cringe and grimace at the use of the word "retard" in an offensive manner. So here it is... an opportunity to be made aware! Why don't we stop and think before we speak? Wouldn't our world be a little nicer, if we thought about how our words and actions would affect others before we decide to speak?

My Megan has truly taught me to be aware of others around me. She may not be able to speak as clear as your 6 year old... but she can sure try! As parents, we also have an opportunity to teach our children about the harmful affects of our words. Sometimes we are not even aware of the things our kids say... so, ask them what they know... you may be surprised. I don't think "kids are just mean" I think they just haven't been educated! Be a part of the moving force... click on the pledge button on the right and sign your name... pledge to change... or just to make others aware.