Friday, November 9, 2007

Our Halloween Adventures!

Justin had the stomach flu... he was not very happy about it!
Megan and Montana!

Mitchell... The Incredible!
The Cousin's (Except Meg's kids... we missed you Tyler, Molly and Ellee)
Megan as Jo-Jo the Clown!!!

Mitchell was Dash... the Incredible!
Maddy was Cinderella... the Bride!(Always a Princess)
Mike was the scary Shark from Davey Jones' ship from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Halloween was exciting!!! We had chili and soup and Mam's and Pompy's House... and then hit the neighborhood. Justin, had the stomach flu... so he hit the couch! Dad took Megan in one direction, Mike and Maddy ran off with Uncle Marc and Aunt Monique, and Mom and Mitchell only lasted about 4 houses... but it was still very fun!

Pumpkin Hunting at Apple Hill

Megan in the pumpkin patch!
My friend, Heidi and I took the kids up to Apple Hill! Here are Luke, David, Megan, Mitchell, Jake and Amber... posing for a picture!

Megan wanted a ride on the tractor with the Hay! We settled for a picture on the tractor!
Mom and her two "twins"
Mitchell... the trouble!

We had such a fun day at Apple Hill! We took a picnic... and watched a little boy catch 3 fish! We of course sampled apple cider, apple doughnuts, caramel apples... and of course had to stop at the Fudge Factory for some yummy fudge! Thanks Heidi and kids for a fun day!!

Football... again

Such a cute picture of the oldest... and youngest!
Mike after a successful win!
Who's house is it? Our house... you Know!
Go Wildcats!!!

I couldn't resist posting a few more pics of football season! Our boys did awesome! Both Justin and Mike's team's are going into playoffs. Mike had a 10-1 season, Justin had a 9-1-1 season. We are so proud of their hardwork!!!