Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Traditions

Every year, Great Grandma buys the great-grand kids, Christmas p.j.'s, that they open Christmas Eve night. We had fun trying to get all 15 to look at a camera at the same time! Oh well! They sure are cute though!

Ellee and Megan... same size, not quite the same age! :)

All of the girl cousins!

Mitchell wasn't sure what to think of his new jammies!

Yes, all 15!

Justin, showing off the back of the p.j.'s for the camera

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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Merry Christmas!

We have been so blessed this year! For those of you just visiting our blog, you will see at a quick glance... we are busy and happy! Some of the highlights of 2007 are listed below. We hope your family is healthy and happy as well! Much Love, Shane, Marlo, Justin, Mike, Maddy, Megan and Mitchell

Highlights of 2007

1. Here we go again!!! Shane is ambitiously starting another business! We are opening an indoor surfing facility in Elk Grove. We are called Dream Xtreme. We will also offer activities such as paintball, rock climbing, etc. The projected open date is Summer of 08!

2. The boys had two great football seasons. We moved to the Franklin Jr Wildcat program this year. Justin's team went to the section championship game... and fell short to Elk Grove. This was J's 6th year playing. He started on the Defensive Line this year and had some great single tackles as well as a nice handful of assists. Mike's team won the section, and then won the Super Bowl. He had fun playing with 2 of his friends from our Ward. Way to go Boys!!!

3. Maddy is enjoying second grade and loves reading with Great Grandma everyday!

4. Megan is signed up for kindergarten for next year.... scary isn't it! She loves preschool... and loves riding the bus every day. She keeps us on our toes always!

5. Mitchell is a funny little boy. He has a great personality... when his sister isn't bothering him.

6. Marlo served as gospel doctrine teacher in the ward, until September, when she was called to Primary as the chorister. Shane continues to serve as Elder's Quarum president.

7. Working, playing, a trip to Disneyland, football, a few quick trips to San Diego and Vegas... rounded the year out!

Monday, December 10, 2007


We just got back from 3 Days at Disneyland Resort! It was SO magical! The decorations were beautiful... the castle was covered in snow and icicles. At night it snowed! And we saw a great Holiday parade. But best of all, we had our family together!!! Megan was so fun with all of the characters!!! She loved them... and didn't want to leave.

In line for Thunder Mountain Railroad
Megan really liked Lilo... who spent a long time with her!
Watch out kids... your Dad may think you really are bugs!!!
Megan's all time Favorite... Sulley!

Some of the best things we heard during the vacation:

Megan -"This is SO FUN" (Matterhorn Bobsleds)
Mike - " Now, I really can't wait to go to Walt Disneyworld in a few weeks with Mam's and Pompy"
Justin- "You guys (mom and dad) are the best!"
Maddy - "There are so many yummy things to eat here... I just can't decide where to start!"
Mitchell - "Watch Me, Mom!"

A visit with Santa

Maddy shares what she wants this Christmas w/ Santa
Mitchell and St. Nick
Blake and Maryn

The Hansen Boys!
Our FAmily

We had a great Visit with our Jolly Saint Nick... "Kris" Kringle!

We love having Santa visit... and the kids all had a great time smiling for pictures! Thanks again Kris!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Our Halloween Adventures!

Justin had the stomach flu... he was not very happy about it!
Megan and Montana!

Mitchell... The Incredible!
The Cousin's (Except Meg's kids... we missed you Tyler, Molly and Ellee)
Megan as Jo-Jo the Clown!!!

Mitchell was Dash... the Incredible!
Maddy was Cinderella... the Bride!(Always a Princess)
Mike was the scary Shark from Davey Jones' ship from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Halloween was exciting!!! We had chili and soup and Mam's and Pompy's House... and then hit the neighborhood. Justin, had the stomach flu... so he hit the couch! Dad took Megan in one direction, Mike and Maddy ran off with Uncle Marc and Aunt Monique, and Mom and Mitchell only lasted about 4 houses... but it was still very fun!

Pumpkin Hunting at Apple Hill

Megan in the pumpkin patch!
My friend, Heidi and I took the kids up to Apple Hill! Here are Luke, David, Megan, Mitchell, Jake and Amber... posing for a picture!

Megan wanted a ride on the tractor with the Hay! We settled for a picture on the tractor!
Mom and her two "twins"
Mitchell... the trouble!

We had such a fun day at Apple Hill! We took a picnic... and watched a little boy catch 3 fish! We of course sampled apple cider, apple doughnuts, caramel apples... and of course had to stop at the Fudge Factory for some yummy fudge! Thanks Heidi and kids for a fun day!!

Football... again

Such a cute picture of the oldest... and youngest!
Mike after a successful win!
Who's house is it? Our house... you Know!
Go Wildcats!!!

I couldn't resist posting a few more pics of football season! Our boys did awesome! Both Justin and Mike's team's are going into playoffs. Mike had a 10-1 season, Justin had a 9-1-1 season. We are so proud of their hardwork!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Are you Ready for Some Football

Mike is #45. He plays wide receiver. This is before his game on Sat.
Mitchell watching the game!
Mike and Alex after a great win against Jr Rattlers.
Justin after his win! He is obviously hot... and not really in the mood for a picture!
Megan... the Cheerleader! Sometimes we just have to buckle her in, to keep her in one place!

It's official! We are in to football season! Our family spends the majority of the day on Saturday enjoying Football games. What can I say... it's in my blood! With my Dad and brothers all being coaches and players... I LOVE football! This year we moved from the Laguna Creek JR Cardinal program to the Franklin Jr Wildcat program. It has had it's challenges. But, it also has many great positives. Mike has 2 friends from the ward on his team. Justin has one friend from our ward on his. This is so nice! Both of the boy's teams have played 3 games... and won all 3!

You may say frequent football pics over the next few months... and hopefully, my photography will get a little better... so you see more than just standing on the sidelines! :) Thanks for everyone's support that makes it to our boy's games. We love seeing you!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mitchell... what to do with him!

He looks so cute... little do you know!

Kids are so funny! Mitchell wants to be just like Megan! It's a scary thought! It's so hard to keep these two out of trouble. Thanks goodness... I have some great friends that are taking care of them for me during the day. Mitchell is going to my good friend Suzette's home in the mornings. She says he's an angel... Shane says... maybe he should live at Suzette's house all the time!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Summer fun... playing in the water and sun!

Megan is a little fish! She loves her floaties!

Maddy had wacky hair day at school... can you tell?
Mike too! :)

The kids LOVE the pool! They are all little fish! Mitchell is usually in the pool as well... he happened to be napping last Friday when I shot these pics... but he loves the water, too! Can you believe that crystal blue pool! :)