Friday, June 5, 2009

It seems like it was me... just yesterday!!!

Wasn't it just yesterday... that I was leaving 8th grade, promoting to Highschool? On Wednesday we attended the promotion ceremony for our oldest, Justin. He now stands 3 or 4 inches taller than me, and when I hear his voice in the other room... I have to remind myself that it's just my son... not some strange man. How does this happen?

Congratulations Justin! What an amazing young man you are! Thank you for reminding me what being a parent means. I continue to be impressed with the person you are becoming... although it seems like it was just yesterday that you were a chubby little 2 year old, with an amazing ability to memorize everything... and make me laugh everyday!

Justin with my parents... Pompy and Mams

Isn't he handsome!! :)

Thanks Aunt Stacy for joining us!! You rock!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Disneyland in May!

We took a quick trip to my favorite place.... Disneyland!!! It was a fast weekend, but we had a great time!! Mitchell and Megan were SO excited to go.... they were asking me everyday... a couple times a day if it was Disneyland yet. So... in an effort to help, I created a count down chain. They had so much fun removing a link and counting down the days to go.

Here's Megan counting the days left.....

Finally the day arrived! We loaded the kids up and started the drive on a Thursday after school. Megan and Mitchell were not very happy when we arrived at a hotel at 10 oclock at night, and they were told that we weren't really going to Disneyland until tomorrow! Mitchell was quite upset... but thought it was going to be fun to sleep in a bedroom with 3 of his other siblings. The morning of... we all put on our Bright Orange Tshirts and headed for Disneyland! I did pick orange on purpose... and it totally worked! I didn't lose a single child the whole trip!!!

After entering the park... we were lucky to find Mickey waiting to give Megan and Mitchell a big hug!!

Dad and Megan on splash mountain!!! She LOVED it!!!

All five smiling with our favorite character... Mickey!!
And below... our crazy nuts! :)

While the big kids went on Soaring with Dad... we hung out with Lightning McQueen and Mater. We didn't realize the kids were going to be less than a 1/2 an inch to small to ride quite a few rides... what a bummer! Luckily we didn't realize they were too short and we got on Splash Mountain, because it truly was Megan's favorite!

In Bugs Land
My brother Marc and his wife Stacy and their cute Montana, joined us for the day on Saturday! My mom and Dad were also there at the same time, and it was fun seeing them for a few hours on both days! Just looking at the pictures makes me want to go back!!! I love Disneyland!