Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Eating Machine

Mitchell loves to eat! The kid enjoys food like I do! It is so fun to see him enjoy something so much. Here he is attacking a fruit roll up. He didn't want any help getting the roll off the plastic... so he did it all himself! Mitchell makes us all laugh.

Here is Mitchell enjoying some watermelon. This pic reminds me so much of Justin when he was this age!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Here's to Dad's

I am so grateful for Dad's. I have so many fond memories of my own Dad. I love remembering Disneyland trips, snowskiing trips, church history sites throughout Utah, summer vacations. In adulthood I have appreciated my dad's kind words, and understanding heart. He has been a listening ear and a teacher and friend. Thanks Dad for loving me and loving my kids!

Dad and baby Mitchell... only a few hours old. December, 2005
Dad and Megan at Six Flags, May 2006.

Dad, Megan, and Mitchell - Easter 2007

Dad and Me, Father's Day June 2008

Dad, Me and Marc.

My father-in-law passed away 8 years ago this coming September. He was a kind man. He loved his grand kids and loved his kids. I think about him and remember the fun times we had. I think of my 3 youngest children, who never had the opportunity to know their Grandpa Carter. He is missed and loved everyday.

My husband is a great Dad. I love watching my husband play with our children. Thanks for being a great Dad and a wonderful husband!
Justin and Shane on the Quad - Summer 2004

Fourth of July, 2001 - Shane and Maddy
The beginning - December 1993

At Justin's blessing (two weeks old) - August, 1995

Michael's Birth - October 1998
Megan's Birth - August 2003
Shane and His little Angel - July 2005
Dad and Michael, Marc and Maddy, Shane and Megan @ Disneyland, Dec. 2003

Friday, June 13, 2008

If you Build it... they will come!

For those of you who don't know... we are once again jumping into the world of owning another business. This business is truly on the "passion" side of Shane's love for all things extreme! The company is called Dream Xtreme. We are putting in an extreme sports facility here in Elk Grove. The old JVC center on Laguna Blvd. has stood vacant for quite a few years. An investment group recently acquired the building and has decided to make it a sports complex. There will be a 50 lane Strikes bowling alley and Coach's restaurant, a new California Family Fitness Center, a Champions center (batting cages, specialty training for golf, etc.) and our place.... DREAM XTREME. Our facility will occupy 15,000 square feet of space. Ever wanted to try to surf... now you will be able to... in Elk Grove, indoors. We will also have lighted paintball fields, rock climbing, large trampolines for dodge ball games, as well as a retail area for all the latest wakeboarders, surfers, etc. We are very excited about this new business endeavor, so we thought we would share it with you.

This picture is the exterior of the JVC center, beginning the general construction, outside.
This is the flowrider being built, at a facility in Lindsay, CA that we visited last week.
This is the finished jproduct on the back of Royal Caribbean's "Freedom of the Seas".

We are anticipating opening in mid October - November, of 2008!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

She Graduates... From Preschool

Megan graduated from her preschool program today!! Ready or not... Kindergarten here she comes!!!
Here she is accepting the award. She was quite proud of herself!
Here is Megan, her special ed teacher, Miss Jan (in the front) and paraeds.. Miss Melanie and Miss Terri.
Megan gives her best friend, Courtney, a hug good-bye. She will miss her!
Megan and Courtney say "Cheese" to the camera. Courtney is about 7 months older than Megan, but look how much taller. Megan really is a little shrimp (even on the down syndrome scale!)
We are very proud of Megan. She can recognize her name as well as quite a few letters, numbers, colors and shapes. I can't believe she will be 5 next month! :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Disneyland Magic

Disneyland is always fun... even if you are a grown up! We left the kids for a quick weekend away and had a BLAST! Thanks Mom and Dad for taking our kids!!! We went with our friends Rob and Lisa... and had so much fun. We stayed up late and went to Fantasmic! We watched the awesome fireworks show. Here we are below at my favorite restaurant Blue Bayou!

Below is Shane and I taking the famous front of Disneyland picture!
Definately a highlight of the trip was meeting Brooke White from this recent season of American Idol!!! She was so nice!
Of course... bug eyes! At "It's tough to be a Bug"

Megan's Glasses

I love Megan in her glasses! These little beauties have allready endured quite a bit of bending, scratching, and breaking. She wears them at school, most of the time... but on rare occasions, she will wear them at home. Is she not the cutest!

Memorial Day Fun!

We celebrated Memorial Day with a BBQ and swim party this year! It wasn't as warm as it normally is, but the kids had fun anyway. It is always fun to relax and visit with good friends!

Look at these three cuties!!! I love Owen's cheeks!

Food is always important... Becky likes to mix her treats with her hotdogs! :)

Russell and Dave.... I'm not sure what was wrong with Russell?!