Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chicken Pox still exist!

Justin was running a high fever all weekend long. It carried into Monday. This morning when he woke up the fever was gone... but something was left in its place.... CHICKEN POX! "Oh, that's right... he's the only one who didn't have the Varicella vaccine!" Yikes!!! They just keep coming! Poor kid! I had to call my mom to ask what chicken pox looked like.. because I had never seen them before (that I could remember). Soo... here are the pics... post Calamine rub down from Mom!

The front view

Close up of the chest!

The back is UGLY!

He's still a cute kid... even covered in "Pox"!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Crazy Kids!!

Our Children are Crazy!!! I remember when Justin and Mike were not young... Shane would wrestle with them on the floor. He says his back can't take it any more (He must be getting old!) Luckily, Justin, who is now almost 13 loves to wrestle with his younger siblings... and they love it too! They were making us laugh so much the other night

Justin, the human horse!

Maddy finally pulled a tooth, all on her own!

Megan, our silly nut!