Monday, September 29, 2008

Mom's Bday!

My young mother had a birthday on Friday the 26th and the girls all celebrated! It was fun to go out all together. We missed my sister, Meggin. Even grandma came out for dinner and a movie. We all enjoyed Bj's good food. It was mixed reviews on the movie "Road to Rodanthe".... but I just enjoyed being out with my mom, grandma and sisters. Thanks for the fun night everyone!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Does Football Season have to be so HOT?!

It is game number four. Justin's team is 3-1 with a close loss last week against Rosemont (7-6). And it is still so HOT!!! I love Football! I love the game! I love the atmosphere... and I usually love the weather. We have been blessed with some warm weather, and 4 oclock games on Saturday have remained a toasty 90+ degrees. This week Shane was gone, so loaded the 4 kids up and headed to Justin's game. We had a great time... and Justin's team was successful with another shut out game. Way to go J!!!

Justin is number 68
Mike... So COOL!
The girls... enjoying snacks!
Mitchell actually slept in a stroller most of the game... but woke up long enough to enjoy a snack and smile at the camera!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Going to the Circus... Over the Top

The circus came to town this weekend, and thanks to our friends... Tiff and Rocki, our family got to enjoy them from a suite at Arco Arena. The kids had a great time going down to the floor during the Pre-show. Megan and Mitchell were a little nervous, but they enjoyed participating in holding rings for dogs to jump through and a massive game of tug-o-war against some clowns. I think they enjoyed sitting in the box and eating free popcorn and sodas, just as much as the circus, though! It was a fun Saturday morning event for the Carter Family!

Maddy, being the guest announcer, announcing the next act!
Megan, Maddy and Mitchell give mom all smiles!
Mitchell and Mom in the suite.
Justin and Mitchell enjoying the day!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Still building!

Well... we are still building our dream! Dream Xtreme that is! Construction is well underway at the new Elk Grove Sports Complex that will soon be home to Strikes Bowling Alley, California FAmily Fitness, California Sun, and us.... Dream Xtreme. For those of you who haven't heard (which can't be very many of you) we have undertaken yet another exciting challenge. Dream Xtreme will include a double flowrider (not sure what that is? Google Flowrider), rock climbing, a dodge ball trampoline arena, lighted and covered paint ball arena. WE are hoping to be open the beginning of November.

This first picture is looking down the hallway to the entrance of Dream Xtreme. (The big open door way at the back of the hall)

Here she is... the big pit that will soon hold our massive double flowrider.
Shane pointing out the skylights in the roof... that will be very handy for good ventilation.
Looking over the plans for the whole project.
Here he is... happy that his Dream is coming true!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Child Labor Laws on Labor Day?

Who says Labor Day should be a day away from labor? I say.... put the little ones to work! At 7:30 am we had them outside, beginning the outdoor labor. Justin mowed, and the others picked up trimmings. I began on the inside... making lists of chores. It was so chilly... the little ones doned hats and coats.

Here is Mitchell cleaning up clippings.

Maddy was so fond of her little "rolly"... of course a pill bug.
Our nephew, Trent spent the weekend with us, while his mom and dad were out of town... he even got roped into "Labor Day"
Here's Mike... he got the dirty job... Turtle Pooper Scooper! :)