Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stop throwing me curve balls!

Why does it seem like when it rains... it pours! Everything is breaking around me! Washing machine... paid umpteen bajillion dollars to have it fixed this year! I never new that the Washing Machine has a filter that you are suppose to clean regularly!? Dishwasher... had to replace all of the wheels... $120 for stinkin' wheels!! My husband just came in to the house to tell me he ran in to the garage door. He was loading up all 5 kids to take them to a basketball game... got distracted, and before the door could open fully... he backed out. Now the garage door is off the track, bent and out of whack.

Why is it when you feel like you are pushed to the end of your rope... one more thing gets thrown in on top of your shoulders?

Life... you got to love it!

Waiting for Mom to come Home

Megan was no where to be found the other day. It had become very quiet... and everyone was on a search. She had been waiting at the laundry room door for Mom to come home from work. I guess she got tired of waiting.... literally!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010