Sunday, September 9, 2007

Are you Ready for Some Football

Mike is #45. He plays wide receiver. This is before his game on Sat.
Mitchell watching the game!
Mike and Alex after a great win against Jr Rattlers.
Justin after his win! He is obviously hot... and not really in the mood for a picture!
Megan... the Cheerleader! Sometimes we just have to buckle her in, to keep her in one place!

It's official! We are in to football season! Our family spends the majority of the day on Saturday enjoying Football games. What can I say... it's in my blood! With my Dad and brothers all being coaches and players... I LOVE football! This year we moved from the Laguna Creek JR Cardinal program to the Franklin Jr Wildcat program. It has had it's challenges. But, it also has many great positives. Mike has 2 friends from the ward on his team. Justin has one friend from our ward on his. This is so nice! Both of the boy's teams have played 3 games... and won all 3!

You may say frequent football pics over the next few months... and hopefully, my photography will get a little better... so you see more than just standing on the sidelines! :) Thanks for everyone's support that makes it to our boy's games. We love seeing you!