Thursday, July 31, 2008

Swimming in the Pool!

The best thing about summer is swimming! The kids swim almost everyday. Shane and I wondered if we would get our money out of putting a pool in... just the amount of summer fun alone has made it worth it. We also have been able to enjoy the pool with lots of family and friends. The kids are tan and a little water logged... but they love it! I don't ever take pictures of just playing in the pool.. because they swim so often... but I thought it would be fun to post some cute pics.

Below is Mitchell holding his breath and blowing bubbles... he will definately be all over the place without the floaties by next summer!

Megan getting ready to jump in!
Mitchell playing in the waterfall with the new pool toys from SuperGran (Shane's mom).
Megan and Justin... such a good big brother!
Little fish!
Crazy boy!
Mike chillin'
Justin and Meg

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is it Me?

So, I just got my hair cut... and as you can tell darkened. The kids responses were mixed. Justin said, "Uh... it's different." Megan said, "Oh Wow, I love you hair!" Mitchell said, "Mom has pretty hair!" Maddy thought it was cute... and Michael didn't voice his opinion either way. Shane hasn't come home yet to voice his opinion... but he really doesn't like me in short hair... so we'll see how that goes! I like it. A little shorter than I expected... but great for summer... and it was time for a change! What do you think?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Girls Camp 2008

Below is a picture of me and Montana, my next door neighbor's daughter, who was up at camp with me.

I just got back from another year at Girls Camp. It was such a great week. I have been priveleged to be the Assistant Camp Director for our Stake for the last 4 years, and have really enjoyed getting to know so many people, and spending time with the Young Women. This year we were 5 miles from the American River Complex Fire. We were carefully monitored by the Forest Service, and updated daily on the fire containment. We had a great opportunity to go on a "field trip" and tour the Type I command center, only a few miles from the camp. This mini city housed the fire personell and staff that were set up to monitor and control the fire. We also got to go to a heli-base where the large choppers flew out and carried huge buckets to carry water to the fires. It was a great chance for the girls to see the hard work or firemen and fire women are doing!

School Days!!!

Yeah!!! School has begun! Yesterday was the first day of the new year. Maddy started 3rd grade, with Mrs. Lowe, Michael started 5th grade with Mr. Popham and Megan started kindergarten with Mr. Shadbourne. Megan also has an amazing aide named Karen. Megan was SOOOO excited to be going to kindergarten! She had a great first day and was so excited this morning to head out to school again!

Way to go kids!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another Fun 4th of July!!

We had a wonderful 4th of July at my parent's house! I love the 4th! This year was one of the first that I can remember not dying of heat! We all swam and enjoyed the warm pool. Mams and Pompy bought some new things to enjoy in the pool... the kids loved the slide! Mitchell especially enjoyed the icecream cone!

Here he is... enjoying every bite of his icecream cone... he even helped Megan finish hers off!
This was a favorite for Megan too!
Mike swam ALL day long... he was the last one in!

Mom and Meg saying "Cheese!"
WE have a tradition of going out to breakfast on the 4th of July! I love eating breakfast out, and we never do... so once a year we enjoy this tradition. This year the kids let Mom have her way, and we went to Mimi's! YUMMY! The kids prefer IHOP... but I love Mimi's yummy omlets and muffins!
DAd and Meg!
He is such a cute boy! :)

More swimming pics! Here is Mike and Noah enjoying the pool!
Maddy and Mitchell played together quite a bit. She is such a great big sister.
Mams and Megan.
Mike on the Sea Saw.
My favorite pic of the day.... Can you just see the pure love that Megan has for water. It really is her favorite thing. I just wish she would learn to swim. She wants to be in the water ALL the time... to the point that we watch her like a hawk anytime she is around water. She is very confident in floaties and swims all over the pool. However, she doesn't have enough muscle strength to kick herself out of the water on her own. I'm sure she will some day! For now, it's just fun to see the love that she has for swimming!
Thanks for the fun day everyone!!! I loved the yummy dutch oven cobbler that Monique made for dessert. The fireworks were great... and the time being together was the best!