Sunday, December 28, 2008

What does 15 years look like?

Shane proposes to Marlo July 10, 1993

Engagement pic

Newlyweds in Utah... Shane bungee jumping.

Our first cruise, 1997.... so begins the addiction of cruising!

Hawaii 2001

Jamaican jungles, October 2006

Walt Disney World trip, Oct 2005 (pic got out of order)... pregnant w/ Mitchell on this trip... so I guess it wasn't just us! :)

May 2008... Disneyland trip

Lake Tahoe, Dec 2008

Celebrating 15 years

We celebrated 15 years this weekend. My parents took our children for the weekend, and we headed to Lake Tahoe. We spent our honeymoon in Tahoe, as well as our 5 year reunion... so it was so fun to return back to beautiful Lake Tahoe. We had such a great time together. We stayed in a beautiful room in the Fantasy Inn. We went snowmobiling and watched the sunset at 9,000 feet! It was absolutely breathtaking. Thank you honey for the nice get away... I enjoyed the time being with you!

Beautiful dozen roses that were awaiting our arrival... from my sweetie!
A view of our room

Heavenly Village in Lake Tahoe

The sunset peak on our snowmobile adventure!

Christmas is Here!

What would Christmas be without Christmas PJ's at Mam's and Pompys? My grandma always gives the grandkids Christmas PJ's to open on Christmas eve. After having a very yummy dinner of PrimeRib and potatoes at my Mom and Dad's house, the kids put on their Pj's. We missed Meg's kids in the pic.

My sis and I at dinner
After dinner, we went to Monique's house for dessert, games, a program and more unwrapping of Christmas gifts! Every year we give my parents a gift of service, for someone else. It was so fun to share with them what we had been able to do... in their name. The cousins all exchange names and gave each other their gifts.

Here is Mam's with three grandsons!
Christmas morning was quiet. Mitchell slept until 7... when the other 4 decided that 7 was quite late for a Christmas morning. Everyone enjoyed opening their gifts... and then I made a big breakfast... my favorite french toast casserole with apple cider syrup.... yum!

Mitchell opening his stocking!

Mitchell on his new bike!

Decorating Gingerbread houses

Another Christmas tradition... that I hope never ends... is decorating Gingerbread houses! Thanks Merrily for all of your hard work... so my kids could have some fun! The kids love doing this... I'm not sure if they like making or eating the gingerbread houses the best! This is such a great Christmas memory for me...

Justin and Maddy... Justin can't even wait to get it assembled before he's eating it!

Mike and my niece, Nicole

Mitchell stuck with Gingerbread men... he quickly ate them after decorating!

A new tradition

This year we went to Donner Lake the weekend before Christmas. It was so much fun... I hope this becomes a new tradition! We stayed in a cabin right by Donner Lake. My parents and Monique's family joined us for a weekend in the snow... away from the hustle and bustle of Christmas. We had such a great time warming by the fire, playing games, playing in the snow, drinking hot cocoa. The only sad part was the wipe - out my mom took... and hurt her ribs! Ouch! We loved the time we spent with our family... and the kids LOVED playing in the snow. For those of you who live in snow... you might not get it. Our kids rarely see the stuff... in fact, I think this might have been Mitchell's first experience. He loved playing in it. Even when it was cold and windy and snowing... he didn't want to come in!

Dad, Mitchell and Meg, enjoying the fire... watching a Christmas movie!
Mitchell playing in the snow

Miss Maddy

We took the kids to the Emigrant Trail museum. We watched a film on the Donner Party that traveled through the Donner Pass Road, during the gold rush era. It was a great experience for the family.

All geared up... getting ready to come out in the snow!

A Busy December

We have had such a busy December... the month has passed us by so quickly. I love December! I love Christmas... here are a few of the events that have happened over the last month!

First, we went and watched Maddy in her 3rd grade play. She had one of the lead roles as Rapunzel. She did a great job and knew all of her lines! She truely was a star! Below is a picture of Maddy and her 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Lowe. Teachers are amazing! They put so much work into there jobs... and we are so appreciative of all of our kids teachers!

As the ward activities chairperson... I decided to do Night in Bethlehem for our ward party. It turned out so great! It was beautiful, and I had some wonderful people that helped me decorate all day long! I bbqed 35 lbs of chicken. We had pita bread sandwiches with chicken, greek salad, crackers, fruit platters, desserts, etc. The kids made some ornaments, and we had a short program. I was really happy with the big turnout... and how nice it looked. Shane even made a well for me, and we set it up in the middle of the cultural hall.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

He's Three

Three years ago, Mitchell joined our family! The first picture of Mitchell is indicitive of his whole life here on the earth so far.... screaming all the way! Not just mad screams... he screams for joy, he screams with excitement, he screams when someone takes something away from him. He screams at 6 am in the morning when he announces that he has successfully been dry in his unders all night! He just likes to scream! And we love him! The fifth in the family can't be an easy spot. He came in to this world, already having to share... everything. And yet, he shares his huge personality with all of us... and makes us smile every day! We love you, Mitchell! Happy Birthday!

Seconds after birth...
Getting ready to leave the hospital

3 months old

Enjoying the pool... 6 months old

Mitchell... 10 months

Mitchell... 18 months

Easter, 2007 (2 years)
Summer... 2008

Fall.... 2008

He's 3!

Bowling Frenzy

Bowling in style has finally come to Elk Grove! We were so excited to check out Strikes this weekend. With the excuse of Mitchell's birthday, we invited all our friends and family and hit the lanes. We were able to get 5 of the private lanes and enjoyed the relaxed, cushy seating and bowled like crazy for an hour! It was actually great fun... even the little ones enjoyed pushing the balls down the lane. The teens opted for bumper bowling... and it resembled pinball rather than bowling... but a fun time was had by all! Thanks for all who joined us... we enjoyed it!

Mitchell using the ramp to bowl!
Checking out the scores on the board! Meg and Mitchell with Mams.
Ashley smiling for the camera
Maddy and Molly the bowling queens!

Ahh... my sister Monique and her hubby, Marc.

Three times the trouble!

Don't let their cool faces fool you... they had fun too!