Friday, December 18, 2009

Can she make it for 18 months?

Dear Courtney,

How will Megan survive for 18 months without you? We all know you will do a wonderful job serving our Heavenly Father on your mission! We will write lots! And send lots of pictures! Megan will miss you so much!

The Carter's

You're 4 now... so stop crying like a baby!

Mitchell turned 4 on the 1st of December. He had a cooking party! His cousins and a few friends came over to share in the cookie decorating, fruit kabobing good time! Santa even made a visit. Mitchell is the funniest, little kid... except for when he doesn't get exactly his way... then he is the most miserable kid! So, since he turned 4, every day I have to remind him that being 4 means that you can't cry when you don't get your way... you HAVE to use your words. Although... I can't say that I blame him. Some days, I feel like crying because I can't have my way!

Mitchell with his cousin Rynn and Meg
Mitchell and his bud Luke

Mitchell's friends David and Anna

Mitchell and his friend Chiara