Monday, January 2, 2012

My camera is back!

I am so excited to have my camera back!!! I lost my camera at one of the last of Michael's football games. I have NO IDEA how!!! I think it may have dropped in the parking lot as I was walking out to the car. However, I didn't realize it was missing until the next day. So, I called the Jr. League. I called the school, where we had played. I prayed really hard... and cried alot! I was so MAD at myself for losing a very nice camera. Almost a month later, an email came from the board of the football league asking if anyone with a football player #24 (that's Michael's number) had lost a camera... because one had been found, and the board had been contacted. I immediately emailed the league and told them I had lost mine, and described it. A board member contacted me, and said that In-N-Out burger had contacted them, and said that a camera had been turned in to them and it had alot of pictures of a Jr Wildcat player with the #24... but no other i.d.... so they sent it to their corporate office down in San Diego... who had contacted our board. Shane went in to the local In-n-Out and talked to the manager, who had found the camera... it was found in their parking lot?!? How... I have NO IDEA! But, he recognized Shane from pictures on the camera. So, sure enough, the camera was mine... and they mailed it back to me. So, I again prayed... and was so thankful for my camera being returned to me!!! Little miracles! I was so excited, I was taking pictures of everything!

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