Monday, January 2, 2012

Family Pictures

Family pictures drive me crazy!! I am always stressed out! My kids I'm sure think I turn into Psycho Mom, when I announce we are getting family pictures. I stress over what to wear... I never want to buy new outfits. I stress the week before the someone is going to fall on their bikes and end up with a huge mark on their face, or bruised or swollen lip. I stress that someone is going to be in a grouchy mood... and not want to smile or participate in the pictures. Yet... I subject my family to this ritual!

So... here are the 2011 Family pictures! Our photographer, Kate, did an AMAZING job! She took us Old Sac, and was SOOO patient! Way to go Kate... I think you ROCK!

(Blogger won't upload photos.... I'll have to post pictures later.)

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